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Magallanes installed capacity

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The Magallanes Electrical System (Magallanes) has a total installed capacity of MW (gross). Following is a complete list of plants in operation in Magallanes:

Source: Own elaboration based on information collected from CNE (National Energy Commission) and company reports. Source applies to all charts in this page.

Magallanes relies almost exclusively on thermoelectric capacity (small diesel and natural gas units).

The small Magallanes market is dominated by CGE through its subsidiary EDELMAG.

*Note: The graph consolidates the installed capacity at parent company level, including subsidiaries. CGE includes EDELMAG.

Magallanes serves exclusively the Magallanes Region.

In the past 20 years the installed capacity in the system has tripled, while maintaining a total dependence on fossil fuels such as natural gas and diesel. It was not untill 2010 that the first renewable energy project came into commercial operation (a wind farm).

*Note: The 1990 installed capacity corresponds to the accumulated capacity installed up to that year.