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Water rights

Water Code (DFL 1,122)

Legislature concerning the waters, their use and rights and construction of certain hydraulic works. The document in its last version contains amendments introduced by laws 20,017 and 20,304. Version released 26-01-2010.

Amendments to the Water Code (Law 20,017)

Law that introduces amendments to the Water Code. The amendments are related mainly with auctions of water rights. The concept of minimum ecological flow for protection of rivers is introduced and payment of license fees for non-use of water is established, among other changes. Version released 29-12-2009.

Operation of dams in case of flood warnings and emergencies (Law 20,304)

The law regulates the operation of dams, due to its water control capacity or due to its proximity to inhabited areas, to avert or mitigate the potential damages from impending flood risk. Version released 13-12-2008.

Regulation of public water cadastre (Decree 1,220)

Norms the content of the water cadastre, which according to the Water Code the Water Authority (DGA) must maintain and make available to general public. Version released 11-10-2008.

Standards for groundwater exploration (Resolution 425)

Sets standards for exploration and exploitation of groundwater. Version released 16-04-2008.

Water rights auctions

Link to the section of the Water Authority’s (DGA) web page where information on past, present and future water auctions is published.