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Electric market legislation

General Law of Electric Utilities (DFL-4)

Regulates concessions and permits, transmission, operation of electric services, supply and regulated tariffs. Updated version released 01-02-2010, includes amendments made by Short Law I, Short Law II and ERNC Law, among other.

Regulates the execution and implementation of the General Law of Electric Utilities. Version released 04-08-2008.

Regulation of power transfers among generation companies. Version released 02-03-2007.

Regulation laying down rules for the proper implementation of Article 148 of DFL-4, which is related to temporary increases or decreases in consumption that generating companies can agree with regulated clients in order to regulate power consumption. Version released 08-10-2009.

ERNC Law (Law 20,257)

Amends the General Law of Electrical Utilities, mandating power generation companies to supply at least 5% of their energy injections trough Non Conventional Renewable Energy (ERNC), either directly or indirectly (purchasing ERNC from third parties). The percentage is to increase gradually to reach 10% by 2024. Version released 01-04-2008.

Norms the implementation of the ERNC Law (Law 20,257), which requires electric generation companies to supply a certain percentage of electric energy from non-conventional renewable energy sources. Version released 01-12-2009.

Short Law I (Law 19,940)

Amends the General Law of Electrical Utilities with the main objective of regulating decision making and development of electric transmission expansion. It also provides incentives for non-conventional and small generating units. Version released 13-03-2004.

Regulation for non-conventional and small generating units as defined trough the amendments made by Short Law I to the General Law of Electrical Utilities. Sets special connection conditions, establishes the possibility to sell energy at a stabilized price regime and provides certain exemptions from the backbone transmission system charge. Version released 17-01-2006.

Short Law II (Law 20,018)

Amends the General Law of Electrical Utilities with the main objective of encouraging investments in generation capacity through energy supply tenders conducted by distribution companies. Version released 19-05-2005.

Regulates power supply tendering processes that distribution companies must conduct to supply the demand of its regulated clients. Version released 28-04-2008.

Geothermal Energy Concessions Law (Law 19,657)

Regulates the granting of concessions and tenders for exploration or exploitation of geothermal energy, easements, the state functions and safety conditions. It sets the framework for relations between concessionaires, the state, the surface land owners, holders of mining properties, parties involved in oil operating contracts or oil exploration and exploitation companies, and water rights holders. Version released 07-01-2000.

Tax exemption for solar collectors (Law 20,365)

The law provides a tax exemption – valued between 20% and 100% of the solar-thermal system cost – for the installation of solar collectors in new housing units. Version released 19-08-2009.

Norms the implementation of Law 20,365, establishing technical conditions of solar thermal systems. Version released 26-05-2010.

Technical Standard for Safety and Service Quality (NTSyCS)

Technical document which sets minimum requirements for facility design and safety service quality standards. Version released 16-10-2009.