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Central Energía is an information and discussion platform on the Chilean electric market.

Regarding information, the team constantly works to keep the market indicators up to date. Of course, new contributions are always welcome.

As for discussion, we gladly receive third party columns to be published as posts. Following has to be taken into account:

  • Columns have to be submitted to, for the editorial team to approve its publication. Central Energía may add images, change formats and make minor text editions.
  • We will only approve opinion and market research columns that bear relation or are of interest for the Chilean energy sector.
  • Central Energía is not a news media and is thus not interested in news articles.
  • Central Energía is not a technological advance blog and is thus not interested in reports on technological breakthroughs. However, articles analyzing for instance the impact of certain new technology on the development of the Chilean market will be appreciated.
  • Posts will be published acknowledging the author, unless requested otherwise.
  • Central Energía reserves the right to publish the columns in other formats, always respecting and acknowledging the original authorship.