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About Central Energía

Throughout human history, energy availability has played a fundamental role in the development of civilizations and power balances between nations. Electric power led the way to a new era, in which productivity and prosperity have been incremented at an unprecedented pace. However, facing the challenges of climate change in combination with preoccupying fossil fuel price scenarios, mankind is rapidly approaching a turning point. The ability to move forward with our idea of progress will depend on the capacity to solve the energy challenge: securing sustainable energy availability at a cost compatible with the needs of an expanding global economy, struggling to overcome poverty and reach minimum standards of material well-being.

Faced with this particular crossroads, Central Energía emerges as an information, opinion and consultancy platform on energy development in Chile. We provide objective information to help understand and transparent the operation of the Chilean electric market. We encourage the circulation of ideas and constructive debate supported by hard data and reasoned opinions. We advise foreign developers or investors interested in entering the Chilean electric market (market entry).

The team

Renato Valdivia Arias

Renato Valdivia Arias

Electrical Industrial Engineer, Universidad Católica. He is a member of the Chilean Cigré committee. He worked preparing technical-economical high voltage product offers and tenders at ABB. He was involved in connection and transmission projects for new power plants at Endesa, participating in Canela II wind farm, Piruquina run-of-the-river power plant and Bocamina II coal fired power plant. He currently works in business development for power plant investment, valuates generating units for acquisitions and participates in subsequent due diligences.

Joaquin Baranao Diaz

Joaquín Barañao Díaz

Hydraulic Civil Engineer, Universidad Católica. Between 2006 and 2010, he was legislative counselor at the Senate, focusing in the Environment and Energy committees. He was directly involved in drafting and processing the new environment institutionality bill, the native forest bill and minimum energy performance standards bill, among others. Today he works as adviser in the Presidency of the Chilean Republic.

Nicolás Méndez Kutzner

Nicolás Méndez Kutzner

Electrical Industrial Engineer, Universidad Católica. He worked in finance at JP Morgan. He worked in business development in the additional transmission segment at Transelec, responsible for off grid clients, such as mining companies, who need a economically viable connection solution allowing them to contract grid energy. He currently works performing technical-economical transmission system studies.