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Chile’s Clean Energy Future

Biomass, Biogas, Geothermal, Small Hydro, and Wind are Affordable Choices Now and Solar is Not Far Behind

Chile is in the middle of an important national debate about its energy future. Concerns about lack of a secure energy supply, volatile prices, and the environmental and health risks related to fossil fuels and nuclear energy are front and center for citizens, government, business, and industry. The overarching question is: what should be the focus of a new energy policy to increase Más…

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Information platform for the chilean electric market

Central Energía aims to provide the most complete and intelligible information on the Chilean energy sector, helping understand and transparent the operation of the local electric market. We encourage the circulation of ideas and constructive debate supported by hard data and reasoned opinions. We advise foreign developers or investors interested in entering the Chilean electric market and we assist local holders of water rights, biomass and other renewable resources in developing its potential and connecting with financing parties or suitable off takers, thus promoting greater competition and facilitating the entrance of new players into the market.

Due to numerous requests from foreign investors and developers, we have developed an English version of the site. The home page, which you are looking at, contains the blog in the Spanish version. Keeping the blog updated in English would require to many resources, which is why you are seeing this static post. Most of the static content, however, is available in English. Note that all graphs, charts and tables are produced from our databases each time you load a page, so you can be confident they are allways updated, whether you are using the English or Spanish version.

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National Energy Strategy 2012 – 2030

The National Energy Strategy is a road map, designed by the Ministry of Energy, that provides policy guidelines that will power the country over the next few years. The main pillars of this strategy are Scale-Up of Unconventional Renewable Energy and a strong impetus to Energy Efficiency.

To access the english version of the document, click on the following link: National Energy Strategy – Chile.

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